The Institute for Public Health harnesses the strengths of Washington University in St. Louis to address the complex health issues and health disparities facing the St. Louis region and the world.

Our Vision

The vision for public health at Washington University is to improve community and global health through the creation of new knowledge, the application and translation of science, and the training of advanced academic and practice leaders in public health.


We improve, amplify and support public health efforts in St. Louis and around the world.


We bring together diverse disciplines to share knowledge, form partnerships, and turn ideas into action.


We inspire innovative solutions to today’s most pressing public health challenges through targeted events, seed funding, and other opportunities.

Our Mission

The mission for public health at Washington University includes five objectives:

  • To generate distinctive transdisciplinary research discoveries and service interventions that address significant community and population health problems
  • To train a cadre of leaders who have an evidence-based approach to public health interventions, health services, and health policy
  • To educate the next generation of academic leaders in community and population health sciences
  • To eliminate health disparities and improve measurable health outcomes through sustained community and organizational partnerships
  • To significantly influence the development of sound public health policy