By working in collaboration with numerous partners, the Institute for Public Health at Washington University in St. Louis is taking advantage of an extraordinary opportunity to craft an innovative and distinctive approach to public health research and training at Washington University.

Alaina Maciá, MBA
BS ’98, MBA ’02
Chair, National Council
President and CEO, MTM, Inc.
Lake Saint Louis, MO

Joyce F. Buchheit, MBA
BSBA ’76, MBA ’77
Owner, JCB Management LLC
Bonne Terre, MO

Robert W. Cannon
Group President, BJC HealthCare
St. Louis, MO

David P. Conner
AB ’74
Retired CEO, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
St. Louis, MO

Dolores J. Gunn, MD
Community Physician and Liason, Integritas Physicians Group
St. Louis, MO

Robert G. Harmon, MD, MPH
BA `66, MD `70
Retired Public Health Physician
Jacksonville, FL

Andwele M. Jolly, DPT, MBA, MHA
AB `02, DPT `05
President and CEO, St. Louis Integrated Health Network
St. Louis, MO

Eugene S. Kahn
Retired, Chief Executive Officer, Claire’s Stores
Retired, Chairman and CEO, The May Department Stores Co.
St. Louis, MO

Mitzi R. Krockover, MD
LA ’81
Partner, SSB Solutions
Scottsdale, AZ

Donald L. Ross
Retired, Vice Chairman, Enterprise Holdings
St. Louis, MO

Patrick T. Stokes
Retired, Chairman, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.
St. Louis, MO

John P. Stupp, Jr.
President and CEO, Stupp Bros., Inc.
Chief Executive Officer, Stupp Corporation
St. Louis, MO

Richard K. Weil, Jr. (emeritus member)
Retired, Managing Editor, St. Louis Post Dispatch
Founder and Board President, St. Louis Beacon
St. Louis, MO