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8 Effortless Self-Care Activities That Take Only 5 Minutes To Do
Huffpost | 9/16/21
Check out this list from Jessi Gold, MD, MS, of quick and easy self-care tips.

St. Louis County Passes Vaccine Mandate For County Employees
KSDK 5 | 9/15/21
With county employees now being told to vaccinate or participate in weekly testing, Dr. Michael Kinch helps dispel myths about possible dangers of vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccines Boost Antibodies, Even in People With Weak Immune Systems
U.S. News | 9/10/21
Dr. Alfred Kim addresses concerns around taking immunosuppressants and the vaccine. A study he led on antibody production also counters concerns among the immune-suppressed.

What To Know About Mu, The Latest Coronavirus Variant In Missouri
St. Louis Post Dispatch | 9/08/21
As another variant enters conversation, Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, emphasizes the role vaccination plays.

Calls Grow For Fda To Speed Authorization Of Kid Covid-19 Vaccines
Politico | 9/07/21
Dr. Jason Newland comments on the rising urgency of protecting children against COVID-19 infection.

Public Health Orders Issued By St. Louis Area Authorities Likely Saved ‘thousands’ Of Lives In The Region, Washington U. Study Finds
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | 9/02/21
Dr. Elvin Geng talks about the potential impacta delay in early pandemic stay-at-home orders could have had on the region.

Elementary School COVID Outbreak Shows Why Layers Of Safety Precautions Are Necessary
NPR | 9/01/21
As schools work to strengthen protections against COVID-19, Jason Newland, MD, MEd, discusses “vaccination cocoons” and proper ventilation as some best practices.

How To Promote A Safe Return To School

NASSP | 8/19/21
Jason Newland MD, MEd provides advice on how to best prevent spread of COVID-19 while attending school this Fall.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Convincing Your Un-Vaxxed Parents to Get Their Shots

Vice | 8/18/21
Dr. Jessi Gold offers guidance on this complicated task.

Unvaccinated Pregnant Women Are Getting Seriously Ill From COVID-19

St. Louis NPR | 8/17/21
Dr. Ebony Boyce Carter describes the high number of pregnant women infected with COVID-19 and why pregnancy makes women much more vulnerable to severe illness.

Teens Missed Out on Years of Socializing Thanks to the Pandemic

Teen Vogue | 8/17/21
As the pandemic continues for a longer-than-anticipated period, Jessi Gold MD, MS sheds light on teens, who likely had very different expectations for their high school and college life.

Too Many Research Papers Just Languish on the Shelf. These St. Louis Scientists Want to Put Them in Action

St. Louis Magazine | 8/16/21
Drs. Rupa Patel, Enola Proctor and Alex Ramsey discuss their efforts to increase science’s ability to reach people and have tangible impact on lives through dissemination and implementation work. Dr. Patel’s PrEP program is mentioned here for its success in doing just this.

Metro East Doctors Vent Their Frustration As COVID Surges, Hospital Beds Fill

St. Louis NPR | 8/13/21
Hilary Babcock MD, MPH, comments on how our progress toward safety from COVID-19 has taken a backseat to another overwhelming surge.

Health Care Workers Urged To Vaccinate To Avoid Long-haul Covid-19 Symptoms

KMOV4 | 8/12/21
Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly comments on the persistence and severity of “long-haul COVID.”

An Infectious-Disease Doctor Answers All Your Questions About the Delta Variant

Vogue | 8/12/21
Dharushana Muthulingam MD, MS discusses need-to-know info about the Delta variant.

Back to School 2021: How Students Feel Amid the COVID Delta Variant Surge

Teen Vogue | 8/12/21
Dr. Jessi Gold suggests the merits of leading with empathy about the Delta variant as kids head back to school.

“Requiem Of Light” Event To Honor The Lives Of Those Lost To Covid-19

St. Louis Magazine | 8/11/21
Dr. Rebecca Messbarger comments on the progress of planning the event so far.

Kids Sick With Covid Are Filling Up Children’s Hospitals In Areas Seeing Spikes

NBC News | 8/06/21
Dr. Jason Newland 
describes the latest COVID-19 situation among our nation’s youngest.

Pfizer Pushes Booster Shot As Covid-19 Cases Rise

KSDK 5 | 7/28/21
Dr. Jason Newland speaks about the need for taking precautions before things take a fast turn for the worse.

How Medicaid Expansion Will Help The Working Poor Access Health Care — And Change Missouri Politics

STL NPR | 7/26/21
In the wake of the recent validation of Medicaid expansion by the MO Supreme Court, Dr. Cynthia Rogers explains how parents who were denied Medicaid struggled with neglected health issues and parenting.

Overpolicing Erodes Communities, Yet The Research On New Strategies Is Mixed

Center for Health Journalism | 7/23/21
Hedwig Lee, PhD, discusses over-policing and its effect on targeted communities’ physical and mental health.

Republican Bid To Limit Health Officials Could Cause ‘Preventable Tragedies’ – Experts

The Guardian | 7/23/21
Dr. Elvin Geng discusses the politicization of COVID-19.

The American Pandemic Day: More Kids. More TV. More Z’s. More Time Alone

U.S. News | 7/22/21
Dr. Nancy Morrow-Howell, the director of the Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging, is mentioned here for findings on older adults’ positive experiences with time alone during the pandemic.

‘His Life Means Something’ | Mother Of Immunocompromised Child Pleads For Others To Get Vaccine

KMOV4 | 7/22/21
As the Delta variant spreads, Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly explains what makes it a game-changer and benefits of vaccination.

How to Tell If You Actually Have Social Anxiety Disorder

In Style | 7/22/21
Want to know if your anxious thoughts are actually evidence of social anxiety disorder? Jessi Gold, MD, MS, provides insight.

Doctors Debunk The Top 5 Covid-19 Vaccine Myths

KSDK 5 | 7/15/21
Jason Newland, MD, MEd, and others contribute to the myth debunking here.

The COVID-19 Symptoms Doctors Are Seeing The Most Right Now

HuffPost | 7/15/21
Institute for Public Health Director Bill Powderly, MD weighs in on the COVID-19 symptoms doctors are seeing with the current variant strain.

Can Vaccinated People Get Long Covid? Doctors Say Risk Is ‘Very, Very Small’

NBC News | 7/15/21
As breakthrough COVD-19 cases increase, Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly shares his research on long haul experiences.

Coalition Says Health Workers Should Be Required To Get Coronavirus Vaccine

The Washington Post | 7/13/21
Hilary Babcock, MD, MPH, discusses guidelines she co-wrote which can support organizations that require mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for healthcare employment.

US Covid-19 Cases Rising Again, Doubling Over Three Weeks

AP News | 7/13/21
The Larry J. Shapiro Director of the Institute for Public Health, Bill Powderly, MD, mentions the impact that the July 4th weekend had on rising COVID-19 numbers.

Concerns About Unreported Child Abuse Loom Large Despite Easing Covid Restrictions

CNN Politics | 7/10/21
Experts say that the return of school as an opportunity to uncover child abuse instances gone unreported during the pandemic, Dr. Melissa Jonson-Reid how the data is assessed is critical.

How Everyone On Medicare Could End Up Paying For The Pricey New Alzheimer’s Drug

CNN Politics | 7/10/21
Rachel Sachs, JD, MPH, explains her concern about a possible raise in premiums for Medicare beneficiaries.

‘I Don’t Know What To Do’; St. Francois Co. Drug Treatment Center Closure Could Put Patients At Risk

KMOV 4 | 7/09/21
Addiction specialist Dr. Laura Bierut explains the pitfalls of abruptly closing treatment clinics without setting up alternatives for the patients who relied on them.

Colon Cancer and Type-2 Diabetes Rates Rising Among the Young

Interesting Engineering | 7/08/21
A study by Dr. Yin Cao illustrates the connection between risk of colon cancer and consumption of sugary drinks, particularly during adolescence.

Will The Next Pandemic Stem From Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria?

Inverse | 7/05/21
Dr. Gautam Dantas is mentioned here speaking about the future certainty of antibiotics depletion.

St. Louis Health Leaders Ask Everyone To Return To Using A Mask Indoors, But Few Signs Change

KSDK 5| 7/03/21
Dr. Steven Lawrence says that it might be wise for indoor facilities to advise everyone to wear a mask instead of relying on the vaccination honor system, which hasn’t been successful.