The global population aged 65 and older is growing faster than all other age groups. Affecting nearly all sectors of society, population aging is one of the most significant social transformations of the twenty-first century.

Our mission

We work to advance a global society where people of all ages have maximum opportunity for health, security and engagement.

How we work

Through seminars, curriculum development and enhancement, and connecting students to career paths focused on aging, we expand education on issues relevant to individual and population aging.

By engaging a diverse network of researchers in dialogue, lectures, learning groups, and funding collaborations, we promote cross-disciplinary activities and translation of knowledge in the field of aging.

Through inter-university partnerships, service on advisory groups, the Age-Friendly University Global Network, project sponsorships and other connections, we are committed to supporting aging initiatives throughout St. Louis and around the world

Center history

In 1998, the Center for Aging at Washington University in St. Louis was established under the direction of Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton, with assistance from Deans William Peck and Shanti Khinduka of the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the Brown School at Washington University. Dr. Leonard Berg provided the initial leadership for these efforts.

Our team

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