Study: Smoking permanently shrinks the brain, driving up dementia risk (Links to an external site)

A study published by Alumni Endowed Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health Faculty Scholar, Laura J. Bierut, MD, found that smoking causes the brain to shrink, and stopping smoking doesn’t reverse the effects. “A reduction in brain volume is consistent with increased aging. This is important as our population gets older because aging and smoking are both risk factors for dementia.”

The best advice we got in 2023 (Links to an external site)

WashU Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences & Public Health Faculty Scholar, Patrick Hill says to live more purposefully, we should all “think about developing purpose from the ground up”. His comments were featured in VOX online.

What Sandra Day O’Connor Got Wrong (Links to an external site)

James Gibson, the Sidney W. Souers Professor of Government, Arts & Sciences and public health faculty scholar talks about how the Supreme Court is insulated by a “layer of good will” even when it issues unpopular decisions.

Smoking causes brain shrinkage (Links to an external site)

Attention smokers! Another reason to quit: Smoking can shrink your brain. A study published by Alumni Endowed Professor of Psychiatry and Public Health Faculty Scholar, Laura Bierut, MD, explains why smokers are at higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

FDA Approves Landmark Sickle Cell Gene Therapies (Links to an external site)

Allison King, MD, PhD, a national sickle cell expert and public health faculty scholar recently spoke to the Associated Press about a one-time treatment that eliminates the excruciating pain of sickle cell disease. “Anything that can help relieve somebody with this condition of the pain and the multiple health complications is amazing.”

In and for (Links to an external site)

Washington Magazine features the work of several Public Health Faculty Scholars who address societal issues across our region. Vetta Sanders Thompson, Matthew Kreuter, Bettina Drake, Fangqiong Ling & Anneliese Stoever, are highlighted, among others.