About the Center

The Center for Community Health Partnership & Research is supported by Washington University’s Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences and the Institute for Public Health.


The Center for Community Health Partnership & Research aims to reduce disparities and improve health and wellness in the region by fostering bidirectional communication and supporting community-academic partnerships and research.


  • Develop and foster community-academic partnerships to improve health
  • Facilitate active-engagement and participation by community stakeholders as partners in all stages of research
  • Provide education and training on community-engaged research and partnerships

See our brochure for a description of Center initiatives.

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) was established to help bridge the gap between university research and local communities. The CAB is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with strong ties to local communities within the St. Louis region, including surrounding counties. Members meet bimonthly to provide recommendations into the goals, strategies, and activities of the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (ICTS) and the Institute for Public Health.

Read more about the current CAB members.

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Contact & Location

Main Contact

The offices for the Center for Community Health Partnership and Research are located within the Institute for Public Health and the Northwest Tower on the Medical Campus at Washington University in St. Louis.

Our Team

Co-Director: Angela L. Brown, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division in the Department of Medicine

Co-Director: Jane Garbutt, MD
Research Professor, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics
Jane Garbutt faculty scholar profile

Co-Director: Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD
Professor, Public Health and Social Work Programs, Brown School
Vetta Sanders Thompson faculty scholar profile

Co-Manager: Paola (Poli) Rijos-Saitta, MSW, LCSW
314-747-1456 | prijos@wustl.edu

Project Administrator (ICTS): Hilary Broughton, MSW
314-273-1010 | hilary.broughton@wustl.edu

Research Network Coordinator: Sherry Dodd
314-454-8914 | dodd_s@wustl.edu

Data Coordinator: Robert Doyle
314-362-7034 | robert.doyle@wustl.edu

Outreach Representative: Kym Radford
314-362-7034 | k.radford@wustl.edu