Postgraduate Programs in Public Health

Emergency Medicine Resident Global Health Initiative (GHI)
As a specialty that relies on interdisciplinary teamwork, rapid response and creative solutions, emergency medicine is poised to play an ever increasing role in global health policy, programming, systems development and service delivery. For more information, contact SueLin Hilbert, MD, MPH, at

Global Health Scholars Pathway in Internal Medicine
The Global Health Scholars Pathway in Internal Medicine is designed to expand global health education during residency, provide mentors and role models, and create sustainable partnerships with global partners to improve care for the underserved. The current global sites for international rotations are Bhutan, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, India, and Japan.

Global Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
Global Medicine has ties with programs in Malawi, Ethiopia, Honduras, and Guatemala. Residents have also recently traveled to Liberia, Poland, and Israel. Pediatric residents are encouraged to go abroad during elective months, and there are many scholarships available.

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