As part of the newly established Center for Health Economics and Policy, a working group called the Collaborative of Health Economics and Policy Analysis Researchers, or CHEPAR, is being launched. The purpose of the group is to facilitate research in the areas of health economics and policy by Washington University investigators.

Join us for discussions of research in the areas of health economics and policy in various stages of completion. Sign up spots are also available to present your own ideas. These meetings, held every 6-8 weeks during the academic year, are an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from CHEP staff, as well as visiting experts.

Each two-hour meeting will typically consist of:

  • A 45-minute “keynote” talk by an expert on some aspect of health economics and policy research
  • Five 10-minute spots for members to present research in various stages of development, in order to receive feedback from Wash U experts such as Center Co-Directors Tim McBride, PhD, and Bill Peck, MD; Center Affiliate Derek Brown, PhD; as well as visiting scholars or policymakers whose expertise is relevant to the meeting theme
  • Updates on funding opportunities, technical assistance and special “policy variable” datasets, and more
  • Free food

Look for the next CHEPAR meeting.


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