Evaluating the Implementation and Scale-Up of Nigeria National Sodium Reduction Program

investigator: Mark D. Huffman, MD, MPH; Dike Bevis Ojji, phd

Nearly half of Nigerian adults have hypertension, and Nigeria has announced a national sodium reduction program for population-level hypertension prevention and control based on the WHO’s best buy SHAKE package. Using a type 3 hybrid study design and the EPIS, CFIR, and RE-AIM frameworks, we will perform a baseline health needs assessment (UG3 phase) and follow-up assessments (UH3 phase) using stakeholder interviews, population surveys, and retail surveys. This embedded study will optimize local, regional, and national implementation and will provide generalizable knowledge about implementation strategies to lower dietary sodium intake at scale. 


National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (5UG3HL152381-02)