Rapid Cycle D&I Add-On Funding

Add-on grants fund up to $20,000 in direct costs. Applicants must be Faculty Scholars of the Institute for Public Health.  Applications accepted on a rolling basis.


The Center for Dissemination and Implementation and the WashU Implementation Science Center for Cancer Control offer a funding mechanism that seeks to enable investigators to rapidly “add-on” measurements or pilot data collection to an existing observational or experimental research study to better understand an aspect of D&I.

In the rapidly moving growth of D&I research, many investigators working in earlier stages of translation research may develop an awareness of untapped opportunities to deepen the conceptualization of D&I strategies and/or measurement of D&I outcomes during the course of existing research. Similarly, researchers working on implementation problems, may be exposed to novel or different D&I considerations driven by interaction with new frameworks or reformulation of the research objectives during the course of the study. In either case, the ability to rapidly add a previously unplanned set of measurements or pilot data collection could quickly augment significantly the value of the existing project.

This add-on mechanism seeks to meet that need through a low-friction, rapid turnaround funding mechanism.  The Center for Dissemination and Implementation solicits a one-page description and justification, (below.) Responses will generally be sent within a week.

Project specifics
 In one page or less, please provide:

A. Rationale
B. Current Opportunity (abstract for the current project)
C. Proposed additional work
D. Impact on Dissemination and Implementation Science
E. What you see as the likely next steps from the D&I add-on funding

If an additional grant, please include anticipated submission date, funder, and grant type

Submission forms

To apply, submit your application materials to dandi@wustl.edu.