B. Ruth Clark, PhD

Associate Professor, Program in Physical Therapy, School of Medicine

Dr. Clark has expertise in human physiology, and skill in conducting health and wellness initiatives in the community.

She is actively engaged in a physical activity and physical fitness projects in collaboration with Saint Louis Public Schools. She serves as an investigator on the “AIM for Fitness” project awarded to the school district. Her role includes professional development of the physical education teachers, assistance with assessments and data acquisition, and dissemination of results to key personnel at the district. She also collaborates on the Diabetic Upper Extremity Pathophysiology, Limited Joint Mobility and Disability project; her role is to coordinate exercise interventions and assist with interpretation of data.

Dr. Clark is also a member of the City of St. Louis Department of Health’s Healthy Eating Active Living Partnership and a long-standing member of the Saint Louis Public School District’s Health and Wellness Committee.