Caline Mattar, MD

Global Health Education and Partnerships Director, School of Medicine and Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, School of Medicine

Caline Mattar is interested in antimicrobial resistance and the prevention of hospital-acquired infections in resource-limited settings. She collaborates with the World Health Organization specifically on Antimicrobial Resistance, health workforce as well as infection prevention and control. She also has an interest in global health policy and governance. She has previously served in many leadership positions in international organizations such as the World Medical Association where she serves a policy expert on public health and infectious diseases. Mattar is involved in teaching global health at the undergraduate level, medical student and residents and fellows. She is currently researching the prevention of COVID-19 healthcare workers infections globally. In 2023, Mattar was named the first Global Health Education and Partnerships Director at the School of Medicine. Responsibilities include overseeing Global Health Education offerings and building bilateral global partnerships.