Daniel Giammar, PhD, MS

Professor, School of Engineering & Applied Science

Dr. Giammar is interested in chemical reactions that influence the behavior of heavy metals and radionuclides in natural and engineered systems. His goal is to understand reactions that can be used to limit human exposure to toxic metals. His work in both environmental remediation and water treatment are relevant for public health.

In the arena of environmental remediation, his research includes the addition of phosphate to contaminated soils for immobilization of lead contamination, and the study of biological processes to immobilize uranium in contaminated groundwater, preventing the transport of contaminants to regions where the water may be used as a source of drinking water. In the area of water treatment, Dr. Giammar has worked in treatment technologies for removal arsenic and chromium (VI) from drinking water and identified strategies to limit human exposure to lead from tap water. His research on lead in drinking water has determined the rates of reactions that can result in the release of lead from pipes and fittings in water distribution systems.