Jean Hunleth, MPH, PhD

Jean Hunleth, MPH, PhD

Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Public Health Sciences

Dr. Hunleth seeks to understand the treatment of people suffering from infectious and chronic diseases and how families strategize diagnosis, care, and treatment within settings of adversity. She uses a range of qualitative, ethnographic, and community-based participatory research methods at the individual, family, community, and clinic levels. Her work has placed special emphasis on the stories and perspectives of people typically left out of health research, most particularly children.

Dr. Hunleth’s work includes examining childhood cancer care seeking and treatment in Zambia; developing child-centered research methodologies to better understand children’s experiences and responses to health problems; and examining the effects of national and international health policy shifts on children and families.

Dr. Hunleth has a strong focus on bringing research with, rather than just on, children into the public and global health sciences as well as drawing the attention of broader public audiences to the roles children play in health.

Keywords: HIV & AIDS, access to care, art, caregiving, children & adolescents, community-engaged research & practice, health care delivery, infectious disease, qualitative methods, rural health, tuberculosis, underserved & vulnerable populations