Jenine Harris, PhD

Associate Professor, Brown School

Dr. Harris is a trained biostatistician whose recent work has focused on improving gender diversity in data science and improving the use of reproducible research practices across public health. Her recent book, Statistics With R: Solving Problems Using Real World Data, incorporates instruction on reproducible research practices, includes a storyline about three women in STEM, and prioritizes citing journal articles and books by underrepresented authors. Dr. Harris recently completed a project funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to examine the use of reproducible research practices by public health scientists, finding that use of most reproducible research methods is uncommon. She co-founded and currently organizes a local chapter of R-Ladies Global, an organization devoted to improving gender diversity in the R community. In her early work, Dr. Harris published extensively on the application of social network methods for understanding and improving the public health system. She is an author on more than 80 peer-reviewed publications, two R packages, and two books.