Justin G. Knittel, MD

Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology

Dr. Knittel participates in an ongoing global health outreach program to improve burn care in Ukraine, sponsored by Doctors Collaborating to Help Children (www.DCtoHC.org) and Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, MA. The group works with Ukrainian physicians and hospitals to provide burn care to both pediatric and adult patients, both through clinic assessment and planning and with operative procedures. They actively participate in education initiatives, both through organized conferences on burn management as well as with clinical teaching with Ukrainian physicians and staff during annual visits. In addition, they have worked with the Ukrainian local and regional governments to establish a burn prevention program and first-aid training. With the Ukrainian team, the group has helped to establish a telemedicine program connecting providers with physicians in the US for assessment and consultation of both acute and chronic burn injuries. They have also established a burn database with a number of the burn centers in Ukraine to track and assess burn management on a larger scale, with the goal of applying what is learned in Ukraine to other developing regions around the world. Dr. Knittel has also participated in global outreach through the anesthesiology department at Washington University in Ghana and Guatemala. He is now working on a collaborative exchange program between Wash U and the University of Cape Town in South Africa, with a focus on trauma and critical care research, education, and quality improvement.