Sharlene A. Teefey, MD

Professor of Radiology, School of Medicine

Dr. Teefey is subspecialized in ultrasound and has extensive experience working with and training radiologists how to use ultrasound in developing countries including Uganda, Bhutan, and Thailand. Her areas of clinical interest include abdominal imaging, Duplex and color Doppler sonography, musculoskeletal sonography.

Dr. Teefey is also involved in a St. Louis-based organization called MicroFinancing Partners in Africa, which serves five different countries in Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Congo, and Rwanda) with the goal of empowering women to lift themselves out of poverty through microfinancing. There are different projects in each country including a cow project and fistula project (repair and prevention – the prevention project is in the early stages of design) in Uganda, a bakery project and microfinancing project in Tanzania, and a microfinancing project in Kenya. In addition, there are smaller projects in Congo and Kenya including sewing uniforms/knitting, making sunflower oil, and woodworking (Zanzibar). We have formed a grants and research committee with the goal of applying for funding to further support our projects. We are also gathering pilot data from our projects in Tanzania and Uganda to strengthen our applications.