Thomas L. Rodebuagh, PhD, MA

Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Psychological and Brain Sciences, School of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Rodebaugh is a clinical psychologist with a focus on anxiety disorders in adults, particularly generalized social anxiety disorder. He is also interested in psychotherapy outcome and process. His research focuses on improving the assessment and treatment of anxiety, as well as increasing understanding of the factors that maintain and reduce anxiety. He is particularly interested in the relationship between social anxiety and interpersonal processes, particularly in regard to friendship and other relationships. His focus has increasingly become more public health focused as the links between social anxiety and interpersonal relationship contexts become more apparent. Dr. Rodebaugh is also interested in the possibility of alleviating social isolation or improving relationship quality at the population level. In regards to treatments, he is interested in further evaluating and enhancing exposure treatment across anxiety disorders. He has a long standing interest in the selection of appropriate statistical models (e.g., structural equation models, item response theory models) for evaluating measures and testing hypotheses. Currently, his statistical focus is on the analysis of intensive longitudinal data both at the group and individual level.