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Reflections: My time as Global Health Student Advisory Committee chair

Written by Blake Sells, MD/PhD candidate at the School of Medicine and chair of the Global Health Student Advisory Committee, Global Health Center at the Institute for Public Health

Blake Sells

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving on the Global Health Center’s Global Health Student Advisory Committee (GHSAC), first as a committee member from 2020-2021 and then as chair from 2021-2022. As a new student to WashU in 2020, GHSAC was my first experience working with other students who were passionate about global health. Although the 2020-2021 year was entirely virtual, I still felt like I had the chance to get to know the other committee members and contribute to planning and coordinating events, such as Global Health Week and the Global Health & Infectious Diseases Conference.

One of the most valuable parts of being a member of GHSAC is the chance to meet and work with a number of brilliant and interesting faculty from across campus, learning about their work and career paths.

This year, it was incredibly exciting to be able to go back to in-person events where members from the broader WashU community were able to attend and discuss important topics under the umbrella of global health. Throughout the past two years, the best part of GHSAC has been working with fellow students on the committee and seeing members’ ideas develop into events supported by the Global Health Center. I recommend that all students who are passionate about global health apply to the committee for the upcoming year!

Students interested in global health are encouraged to apply to join GHSAC via this Application Form.