Resource: Communicating for health

Washington  University’s Bernard Becker Medical Library offers a special program titled Communicating for Health. As noted on their website, this program:

Offers customizable presentations, tailored trainings, and consultations in the areas of health information, health literacy, and health communication. Programming can be tailored to fit a variety of audiences, time constraints, learning styles, and areas of interest.

Whether you are seeking reliable information sources, the tools to address the impact of limited health literacy, or the skills to overcome linguistic barriers, the Communicating for Health program is available to help.

How can Communicating for Health help you?

  • Looking for reliable consumer health resources related to a specific disease?
  • Interested in one-on-one consulting for improving consent forms and education materials for patients?
  • Want to hold a small group training on health literacy tools for a group of residents?
  • Interested in a presentation on listening skills for graduate students?
    How can Communicating for Health be customized?

Check out the Communicating for Health website for more info.