Social network analysis: Tools for effective evaluation and research

Written by Bobbi J. Carothers, PhD, statistical data analyst III at the Brown School; Amar Dhand, MD, DPhil, adjunct assistant in the Department of Neurology at the School of Medicine; and Douglas Luke, PhD,  Irving Louis Horowitz Professor in Social Policy at the Brown School Networks are ubiquitous. They are complex systems that we can […]

“How Things Spread” from TED

A recent TED Radio Hour podcast focused on “How Things Spread.” From their website: “What makes an idea, a brand, or a behavior catch fire? This hour, TED speakers explore the mysteries behind the many things we spread: laughter and sadness, imagination, viruses and viral ideas.” The podcast episode features Sophie Scott on laughter, Seth […]

It is an opportune time for public health to engage young people on social media

Written by Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the School of Medicine Social media use has surged over the past decade especially among young adults and teenagers. Consumer surveys indicate that up to 80% of US adults are on social media and this prevalence is heavily driven by its popularity among […]

Socialize your research: Tips for sharing ideas and evidence on social media

Each day, millions of users log on to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the continuously growing list of social media platforms. In 2015, 65% of adults in the United States had a social media presence.(1)  As the number of adults using social media has grown, so has the number of researchers using various platforms. A study […]

On relationships and public health

Written by Jason Q. Purnell, PhD, associate professor in the Brown School Several years later, I am still disappointed by how my brief interaction with a talented young man at one of St. Louis’s most challenged high schools ended. I heard him speak passionately of his career plans at a meeting on tackling high school […]