Evaluating Dr. Denis Mukwege’s Panzi Hospital in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

WashU takes a holistic approach to assessing holistic care Since 1999, Panzi Hospital in South Kivu province, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), has cared for survivors of sexual violence – including women and small children who have been violated. Established by 2018 Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient, Dr. Denis Mukwege, the hospital is special: […]

Finding the answers to building a supportive community

By Emily Luft, Program Director, Alive and Well STL In my work with Alive and Well STL, I have the opportunity to talk to thousands of service providers about the impacts of stress and trauma on our health and wellbeing. I frequently witness providers connecting their individual work to the science of trauma in ways […]

Documentary features Congolese hospital successes

Written by April Houston, MSW/MPH, graduate student at Washington University in St. Louis The women of Congo have had it rough. Their country has been at war for decades, many of them have seen their families and even their bodies badly damaged and torn apart. There’s no shortage of sad stories coming out of the […]

Public Health Cubed grant awarded to study human trafficking

Faculty Scholars Rumi Kato Price, Tonya Edmond, and Min Lian have received the inaugural Public Health Cubed grant for a project titled “Human Trafficking in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.” As noted in their abstract, despite the attempts of legislators and attention by the media, human trafficking remains a largely intractable problem in the US […]