New graduate program: Cell to Society Pathway

A joint program between the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences and the Division of Public Health Sciences, the Cell to Society Pathway doctoral training program will bring rigorous training in biology, genomics, epidemiology, and biostatistics together to establish new leaders in biological and quantitative population sciences. A population science perspective will transform graduate training and expedite the move from bench to bedside, bolstered by the resources of the nationally recognized Siteman Cancer Center. Cell to Society Pathway students are exceptionally well-positioned to apply their expertise to cancer prevention and treatment.

Students who participate in the Cell to Society Pathway obtain their degrees in one of the current degree-granting programs; however, their education is enhanced by an emphasis in interdisciplinary coursework and research experiences in population health sciences.

Students in the Cell to Society Pathway will:

  • Complete two eight-week rotations each in laboratory science and population science
  • Take two courses each in laboratory-based and population-based sciences, then build on learned concepts with electives and a Cell to Society capstone course specifically designed to integrate laboratory-based and population-based concepts
  • Participate in a Cell to Society retreat, a Cell to Society-specific journal club that integrates the fields and promotes in-depth discussions, seminars, and an annual student-organized symposium
  • Be co-mentored by one laboratory science-based and one population science-based researcher; in these ways, students will learn to understand and apply both branches of research

According to Graham A. Colditz, who will serve as the program’s co-director with Susan Dutcher, “Cell to Society Pathway is a unique and exciting program that expands training opportunities to bring a population health perspective and skills to speed the translation of research to practice.

Faculty Mentors

Sam Achilefu, PhD
Laura Bierut, MD
Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH
Bettina Drake, PhD, MPH
Susan Dutcher, PhD
Daniel Link, MD
Yikyung Park, ScD
Nancy Saccone, PhD
Siobhan Sutcliffe, PhD, ScM
Sheila Stewart, PhD
Adetunji Toriola, MD, PhD
Jason Weber, PhD
Katherine Weilbaecher, MD

More details

Visit the Cell to Society website for more information.