The Friedman Center for Aging partners with the Office of Human Resources at WashU to offer educational seminars designed to help employees consider transition to retirement.

These sessions encourage participants to re-imagine retirement. Workshops address the When, Why and What of retirement, critical components (including purpose, leisure, social, health and wellness), and how to gather information, plan and enlist support around retirement decisions.

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University College Course

Your Next Move – taught by Chris Frey, LCSW – provides experienced workers and learners with the skills and essential elements necessary for making a successful transition to retirement and a fulfilling next chapter in their lives.

This course – available through Washington University’s UCollege in spring 2022 – will use assessment, planning, seeking information, and enlisting support to help define what the New Retirement looks like for you.

Registration for the UCollege spring 2022 semester opens November 10, 2021.

Watch Online

Watch a recording of Your Next Move: Transitioning to the New Retirement led by Chris Frey, MSW, ACSW, LCSW, a counselor and an educator with 35 years of experience.


PowerPoint presentation

These slides are from the Your Next Move: Preparing for the “New” New Retirement seminar, which also considered the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on retirement decisions.

Push-pull worksheet

This worksheet helps individuals assess their situation and planning for their next move by considering the factors that “push” and “pull” away from employment.

Essential ingredients of retirement worksheet

As you consider retirement and envision your life after leaving work, it is useful to take stock of where you are now, as a basis for identifying areas for planning. This worksheet assesses the five essential ingredients for you to consider as you plan your retirement: Social, Leisure, Purpose, Financial Security, and Health & Wellness.

Your Next Move resource sheet

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