Center for Human Rights, Gender & Migrations Student Advisory Council

If you are a current student at Washington University in St. Louis interested in joining our Student Advisory Council or if you would like to learn about future opportunities with the Center, take our student interest survey.

Current Council Members

Hannah Kinzer

Student Co-lead
PhD student, Public Health Sciences

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Hannah Kinzer previously completed her MPH at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health and her undergraduate studies in biology at Lawrence University. Her research focuses on equity and communication in infectious disease prevention. Her interests are informed by her work in immunobiology, epidemiologic surveillance, community-based participatory projects, and health communication research. Outside of her studies and research, you can find Hannah running, volunteering at community events, and trying new recipes.

Lawson Sadler

Student Co-Lead
Second year, School of Law

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Lawson is a second-year law student who joined the Student Advisory Council in fall 2022. Prior to attending law school, Lawson studied on a Marshall Scholarship in the United Kingdom, earning an MSc in international social and public policy at the London School of Economics and an MA in migration and global development at the University of Sussex. Her work in migration began as an undergraduate at Baylor University and in San Antonio, working for community leaders supporting asylum seekers. Lawson is pursuing a career in public interest law and policy.

Adeola Ajirotutu

Second year, School of Medicine

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Born in Nigeria and raised in Queens, New York, Adeola has seen how the intersection of poverty, discrimination, and structural racism decimates minority communities. After graduating college, Adeola worked with an education non-profit serving public school students in New York City and then received a master’s in international human rights. As a Fulbright grantee to South Africa, Adeola co-taught an English literature class at one of the first universities founded post-Apartheid and created a framework for improving academic literacy among first-generation college attendees. She currently serves on the executive board of the Student National Medical Association, which is committed to supporting underrepresented minority medical students. Adeola is passionate about educational equity, health equity, and minority rights. You can catch her singing with her community chorus during the week and watching Formula 1 races on the weekends!

Hieran Andeberhan

Junior, Global Studies

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Hieran Andeberhan is interested in pursuing a career in international development to support refugees and displaced migrants. On campus, she serves on Student Union as a Treasury Representative, the African Students Association as Vice President, and the Interfaith Fellows Program as a Member. As a John B. Ervin and Gephardt Civic Scholar, Hieran is eager to join the center to learn more about how humanities-based research can help local and international organizations implement effective policies that can help low-income nations develop their economics and enhance their political systems. 

Anika Chatterjee

Senior, Global Studies and Economics

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Anika Chatterjee is an undergraduate senior at WashU from New York, double-majoring in economics and global studies with a minor in the business of social impact. On campus, she is an avid member of Sigma Iota Rho, the International and Area Studies honorary group, and is a co-leader of Alzheimer’s Buddies, which trains WashU students to be weekly volunteers with individuals in the community living in memory-care facilities. In spring 2023, Anika spent the semester in Santiago, Chile, where she focused her studies on the intersection of sustainable development and human rights. She looks forward to being a part of this council to further her curiosity and involvement in the academic community, researching migration and human rights issues she feels passionate about.

Lily Coll

Senior, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Lily is a pre-medical student majoring in women, gender and sexuality studies with a minor in biology. She currently works as a public health research assistant for Dr. Lindsay Stark at the Brown School and as a peer tutor at the WashU Writing Center. In her free time, Lily volunteers at Planned Parenthood as a clinic escort and writes for Frontiers Magazine, a bi-semester health publication. Her interests include reproductive and sexual health, literature, and history. Lily joined the Student Advisory Council in the fall of 2022.

Israel Fulton

Junior, Economics, Mathematics and Computer Science

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Israel Fulton has a background of leadership on campus, including serving as a Senator and Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee in Student Union and Vice President of the Association of Black Students. In summer 2023, Israel took graduate-level courses in economics, conducted research on the pharmaceutical industry, and traveled to Israel and the West Bank. He is interested in the economics of migration and modeling population-wide decision-making. Israel is from Norfolk, Virginia and Houston, Texas. He joined the Student Advisory Board in spring 2024.

Katherine Gladhart-Hayes

Graduate student, MSOT/MPH

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Katherine is an occupational therapy and public health student from Eugene, Oregon. She graduated from University of Puget Sound with a bachelor’s in science, technology, and society and an emphasis in bioethics. She is interested in using occupational therapy and public health to advance reproductive and climate justice. In her free time, Katherine likes to read, knit, spend time outside, and volunteer in her community.

Ian Gomez

Freshman, Global Studies, Arts & Sciences

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Ian is a first-year undergraduate student in the College of Arts & Sciences interested in global studies and economics on the pre-law track. On campus, he serves on the Council of the South 40, WashU Student Interpreters, WashU Model United Nations, and the Student Life newspaper. He is interested in pursuing international and human rights law and is passionate about advocating for the rights of migrants and refugees globally. He is very excited to join the Student Advisory Council and acting as a voice in the WashU community.

Endie Hwang

Senior, Psychology, Arts & Sciences

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Endie Hwang is an undergraduate senior at Washington University in St. Louis studying psychology-neuroscience-philosophy and art history. She currently works for the art history department and Gephardt Institute for Civic and Community Engagement. In her free time, Endie tutors ESL speakers with their English and explores art museums. Her interests include racial equity, immigration rights, and baking. Endie joined the Student Advisory Council in the fall of 2023.

Allison Loudenback

Freshman, Anthropology and Linguistics

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Allison is a St. Louis native and a first-year undergraduate student at WashU pursuing a double major in Anthropology and Linguistics on the pre-law track. She currently serves as Public Relations Chair for Asian Multicultural Council, a four-year mentor through China Care, an editor for the Washington University Review of Philosophy, and a research assistant in the Department of Anthropology. She is interested in various fields of law, including family law, cultural property law, and international law and is interested in exploring how elements such as language, culture, and the environment interact with politics and the legal system. She looks forward to serving on the Student Advisory Council and researching meaningful global issues!

Mary Lupo

Graduate student, International Affairs

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Mary currently works for the Healthy Mind Lab at WashU’s School of Medicine. She manages IRB protocols, runs the lab’s social media, creates plain language consent forms and summaries, and helps the lab to maintain ethical compliance. She has studied seven languages and holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Missouri – Columbia in international studies and political science. Mary carries non-profit experience from her work with Health Literacy Media. She also served as co-chair of the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition. Additionally, she volunteered and interned at the Refugee and Immigration Services in Columbia, Missouri. 

Nandu Meshram

Graduate Student, Masters of Public Health

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Nandu Meshram is a passionate, mission-driven oral health professional with a keen interest in cancer prevention and control. Simultaneously, he is a health activist fighting for health equity and accessible cancer care for tribal and marginalized communities in India. Nandu established an NGO, Society for Oral Cancer and Health, which aims to prevent cancer through prevention strategies. He has completed training in global tobacco control leadership at Johns Hopkins and Global Health Delivery Intensive Program at Harvard University. Additionally, he was selected as a global scholar (2016) by American Cancer Society. Previously, he worked as a dentist, district tobacco consultant and district program coordinator (NCDs) in the public health department in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India.

Elika Nassirinia

First year, School of Medicine

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Elika is a first-year medical student at WashU. Before coming to medical school, she completed law school, focusing on working with asylum seekers, incarcerated young people, survivors of intimate partner violence, and on issues involving reproductive justice. She is passionate about working at the intersection of health, advocacy, and human rights, in addition to conducting interdisciplinary scholarship involving medicine, law, and English literature. 

Riley Novak

Junior, Global Studies and Spanish, Arts and Sciences.

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Originally from from Phoenix, Arizona, Riley Novak has served as a member of the Student Advisory Council as well as an intern with the Center for Human Rights, Gender, and Migration since January 2023. On campus, she works for the undergraduate admissions office and is co-president of Legacies for Immigrants and Refugees, a student organization that collaborates with the International Institute of St. Louis. Riley is passionate about immigration and social justice issues, and she hopes to attend law school after graduation. Her interests lie specifically in border policy, international law, and gender-based violence. She is looking forward to continuing her involvement with CHRGM this year! 

Crystal Payne

Fourth Year, PhD in English Literature

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Crystal Payne is a Lynne Cooper Harvey Fellow in American Culture Studies. In her part-time position as a Community Engagement Fellow, Crystal works closely with local community leaders and advocates in North St. Louis to plan community development events. Her research interests include Caribbean Literature, Migration studies, and Postcolonial studies. Originally from San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago, Crystal has lived in Japan, Bonaire, and New York City, where she earned her master’s degree in English at CUNY-Brooklyn College.

Leena Rai

Junior, Economics, Arts & Sciences

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As a junior at the College of Arts & Sciences, Leena studies economics with minors in women, gender, and sexuality studies and environmental studies. On campus, she is financial leadership in the Student Union Treasury, works as a TA, and leads backpacking trips. She spent the summer working for the Migrant and Immigrant Community Action (MICA) Project, and looks forward to continuing to support migrant communities through the Center for Human Rights, Gender & Migration. 

Lila Steinbach

Senior, Global Studies and Spanish, Arts and Sciences

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On campus, Lila works as a community ambassador in the office of Overseas Programs and is a member of Sigma Iota Rho, which is the Global Studies honors society. Lila is passionate about immigrant/refugee rights and how this status interacts with other aspects of identity, such as sexual orientation, gender, or race. After working as a translator and assistant in an immigration law firm for the past two summers, Lila hopes to continue amplifying immigrant experiences, providing resources connected to the immigration process, and advocating for human rights in a number of settings.

Lila plans to go to law school after graduation. Their interests include language exchange, LGBTQ+ advocacy, backpacking/camping trips, and cooking.

Kris Sturm

Second year, School of Law

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Kris Sturm is a second-year law student who currently works for the Lowenstein Project in affiliation with the WashU Crimes Against Humanity Initiative under Professor Leila Sadat, where he advocates for the passage of a Convention on Crimes Against Humanity. He has traveled to the U.N. to facilitate this work and produce a country report on the current positions of nations. Additionally, Kris works for the WashU Immigration Clinic representing asylum seekers. In the past, Kris worked for the Refugee Appeals Authority of South Africa, assisting in the adjudication of asylum appeals.  

Zach Trabitz

Sophomore, Art History and English, Arts & Sciences

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Zach Trabitz is a sophomore at WashU from Columbus, Ohio, double-majoring in Art History and English with a creative writing concentration in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is a news editor for Student Life Newspaper, a writer for Strike magazine, a board member of J-Street WashU, and a DJ for KWUR radio. He is passionate about human rights issues, especially in relation to cross-cultural issues, and is excited to work with the Center for Human Rights, Gender and Migration. 

Girish Vanapalli

Second year, Brown School

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Girish Vanapalli, a dental surgeon by profession, is currently pursuing his master’s degree in public health. His current research focuses on the impact of oral contraceptive use on breast density and breast cancer risk, as well as the analysis of Life Outside Violence (LOV) program data which is a hospital-based violence intervention program that helps individuals harmed by stabbing, gunshot, or assault receive the treatment, support, and resources they need to find alternatives to violence. His areas of focus include addressing health care inequalities and improving healthcare access among people, especially those from minority communities and migrants.

Cathy Vo

Second year, School of Law

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Cathy Vo, originally from San Jose, CA, is currently president of the Asian Pacific American Law Student Associations and previously held positions with the Graduate Professional Council and the Student Bar Association as the 1L Diversity and Inclusion Representative. Cathy studied at University of California, Riverside (UCR) for her BA in political science/public service, where she became more interested in working with issues such as human rights, gender equality, and migration. Last summer, she was a Law Clerk for Hanna Brophy in Oakland, CA, focusing on workers’ compensation litigation. Prior to attending law school, she was an intern to Congressman Carbajal and Congresswoman Matsui. She had the opportunity to interact with constituents from a variety of backgrounds and was able to directly work on issues regarding human rights and migration during her time in Sacramento and D.C. As an intern at Fok Immigration Law, Cathy was responsible for filing immigration documents and aided families to secure their futures in America. As an undergraduate research assistant to Professor Marissa Brooks at the UCR, she conducted research on transnational labor campaigns and unearthed the terrible conditions that many workers abroad are subjected to.

Cathy is committed to protecting human rights and is excited to be on the Student Advisory Council this year!