The Public Health Data & Training Center training program is open to students of all levels and affiliations in higher education. Our center often has opportunities for students interested in learning about data and public health.

Current Students

Alex Knitter

Master of Public Health Candidate, May 2023


Alex Knitter is a graduate student at the Brown School and a research assistant with the Data Center. She is currently working on a data assessment project, being conducted jointly by the Data Center and the St. Louis City Department of Health. Her responsibilities on the project team include project coordination, quantitative and qualitative analysis, data assets review, and report writing.  Overall, her professional interests include data management, analysis and visualization, health services utilization, and improving the quality and processes of care, especially for the St. Louis safety net. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, trying new recipes, and going to concerts. 

Taylor Kaser

Master of Public Health candidate, 2023


Taylor Kaser is Master of Public Health student at the Brown School and brings over a decade of professional experience in academic research and public health practice. She joined the Public Health Data and Training Center in April 2022 for her summer practicum experience. During her practicum, she constructed a dashboard tracking process metrics for the St. Louis area Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program, Life Outside of Violence (LOV). In the fall of 2022, she moved into a graduate research assistant role and has since been working with the LOV team to conduct participant outcome analyses. She is specifically interested in the effect of LOV participation on preventing subsequent violent injury post program engagement.

Zoe Maya Miller

Dual Masters of Public Health & Social Work Candidate, 2023


Zoe Maya Miller is a dual-degree MSW/MPH student concentrating in violence and injury prevention at the Brown School. She works as a research assistant for Life Outside of Violence, the St. Louis hospital-based violence intervention program. Her work focuses on examining program process outcomes and identifying predictors of pediatric repeat firearm injury among youth in the St. Louis area. She also works as a research assistant on the Prevention Research Center’s PREVENT Study, examining whether a health information technology tool improves patients’ cardiovascular health. She has held direct practice clinical positions at Ramapo for Children and Wediko Children’s Services.

Past Student Testimonial

Branson Fox

How many students begin their academic careers as a sociology major but end up in public health data science? Not many. One former sociology student did just that and after four years working with the Institute for Public Health and its Public Health Data & Training Center, he’s now headed to a new position as a data engineer at a climate change start up based in San Francisco.
Read more about Branson’s journey.

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