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The Center for Community Health Partnership and Research supports researchers and community partners through consultations.

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Community Engagement (CE) Studios

CE Studios provide a structured forum for researchers to gain valuable and quick patient or community input at different stages of research development and implementation.  CE studios can address:

  • culturally appropriateness of recruitment materials and participant compensation
  • participant retention strategies
  • simplifying the consent process and identifying entry points for community-based recruitment
  • intervention design
  • survey design
  • ethical considerations
  • translations of research findings into practice

“[Because of my Studio experience], I recognize the need to get community input early on as I’m designing a research study.”
– Patty Cavazos-Rehg, PhD,
Associate Professor of Psychiatry

If you are interested in requesting a CE studio, please complete this brief application and we will follow up with you.

To learn more about the CE studio process, please contact Hilary Broughton at or 314-273-1010.