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For the Sake of All project update

For the Sake of All recently released an “Evidence in Action” update, detailing the progress that has been made since the release of its signature report eighteen months ago. The initiative began in 2013 as an effort to investigate the health and well-being of African Americans in the St. Louis region, with an eye toward discovering what factors were most important. The culminating 2014 report provided solid data about the health disparities that persist in our region and outlined recommendations for how we might address these challenges.

Since the report was released, For the Sake of All has focused on engagement with the community, business leaders, and policy makers in order to build support and develop strategies for implementing the report’s recommendations. The six core recommendations include:

  1. Invest in quality early childhood development for all children.
  2. Help create economic opportunity for low-to-moderate income families.
  3. Invest in coordinated school health programs for all students.
  4. Invest in mental health awareness, screening, treatment, and surveillance.
  5. Invest in quality neighborhoods for all in St. Louis.
  6. Coordinate and expand chronic and infectious disease prevention and management.

The initiative has also hosted events to foster conversations around these issues, and produced discussion guides and action toolkits to help implement change on a number of key issues.

In the recent update, project lead Jason Q. Purnell, PhD, notes that “We have been hard at work translating the report’s findings into tangible resources that our region can use to move forward, with greater health and equity for everyone. . . We continue to work with partners and stakeholders from across the region to actualize the recommendations around early childhood, economic opportunity, school health, mental health, quality neighborhoods, and chronic and infectious disease.”

The update outlined some ways that For the Sake of All has informed, engaged, and evaluated to move its recommendations forward. Highlights include:

  • Contributed to 3 books, 2 articles, and served as a key source for the Ferguson Commission’s Report
  • Mentioned in more than 100 media outlets
  • Engaged over 370 citizens, representing 76 organizations, at 4 Community Action Forums
  • Participated in more than 150 community meetings, presentations, and legislative briefings

Check out the full update for more key stats on the progress and impact of For the Sake of All.

Visit to access all of the materials outlined above. Stay tuned for details about community action forums on investing in mental health and preventing and managing chronic disease which are planned for spring 2016.