Medical humanities reading group

Institute Scholar Corinna Treitel, PhD is co-leading the Medical Humanities Reading Group with philosopher Anta Plutynski for 2015-16. The group, supported by the Center for the Humanities, convenes two to three times each semester to connect and discuss readings.

Last year, co-conveners Corinna Treitel and Rebecca Messbarger hosted several medical humanities scholars: philosopher Anya Plutynski (Washington University), discussing her current book project on the philosophy of cancer; French professor Holly Tucker (Vanderbilt University), writing on blood transfusion in early modern France; physician-historian Ken Ludmerer (Washington University), talking about his new book on the history of medical residency training; and English professor Priscilla Wald (Duke University), analyzing today’s rhetoric of medical genetics.

All are welcome. If interested in participating in the group, contact Dr. Treitel.