The intersection of precision medicine and public health

Written by Sarah Wishloff, undergraduate student at Amherst College and participant in the Institute for Public Health Summer Research Program This past week, Dr. William Powderly, the Larry J. Shapiro Director of the Institute for Public Health, led a seminar on the intersection of precision medicine and public health. Precision medicine is a medical model […]

How molecular biology is making medicine more precise

Written by Tim Peterson, assistant professor, Washington University School of Medicine This post is a lay introduction on how molecular biology is increasingly being used to make diagnoses and treatments better tailored to individual patients. The Definitions For those who may not be familiar with molecular biology, there are three main types of molecules in […]

Precision medicine research in diverse populations

Written by Erin Linnenbringer, PhD, MS, assistant professor in the Department of Surgery, School of Medicine At the time of publishing, professor Linnenbringer was an instructor in the Department of Surgery Essential to Meeting the Goal of Reaching the Right Patient With the Right Treatment at the Right Time Many Americans have probably heard the […]

Driving data in precision medicine

Written by Philip Payne, PhD, FACMI, the Robert J. Terry Professor and founding director of the Institute for Informatics at the School of Medicine When I am asked to speak to the general public about the emerging role of informatics, I often start with an unusual example: buying an airline ticket. If I were to […]

Learning more about precision medicine

Written by Anne Trolard, manager for the Public Health Data and Training Center at the Institute for Public Health An article in my inbox on precision medicine caught my eye recently, reminding me I had wanted to learn more about this buzz-word in healthcare. The article, in WUSTL’s The Source, describes precision medicine (PM) as […]