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Washington University at GSA 2016 conference

The 69th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) brings together more than 4,000 international experts and partners from academia, industry, government, and beyond to exchange information and to discuss the broader role of aging science. This meeting is the premier gathering of gerontologists from both the United States and around the world. Researchers in aging at Washington University in St. Louis will be well represented at the 2016 meeting in New Orleans with 40 posters and presentations (see full list below).

In addition, two Washington University faculty are receiving honors. On Friday, November 18, Luigi Fontana, MD, PhD, will receive the Vincent Cristofalo Rising Star Award in Aging Research and will present a talk on promoting health and longevity through diet. Susan Stark, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA will be recognized as a 2016 fellow at the meeting. The status of fellow—the highest class of membership within the Society—is an acknowledgement of outstanding and continuing work in gerontology.

The Harvey A. Friedman Center for Aging is hosting a Global Aging Research Network breakfast on Friday, November 18 at 7:30am to connect faculty, staff, and students from Washington University, McDonnell International Scholars Academy partner institutions, and other stakeholders interested in cross-national aging-related research and education. If you would like to join the breakfast, email

Presentations (WashU presenters in Bold)

  1. Comparing Families in the Long Life Family Study (LLFS) Across Five Healthy Aging Phenotypes | Megan Marron, Mary Wojczynski, Robert Boudreau, Paola Sebastiani, Stephanie Cosentino, Svetlana Ukraintseva, Anne Newman
  2. Describing Long Life Family Study (LLFS) Individuals and Families with Healthier Pulmonary Function | Mary Wojczynski, Megan Marron, Paola Sebastiani, Robert Boudreau, Stephanie Cosentino, Svetlana Ukraintseva, Anee Newman, Michael Province
  3. I Want to Feel Good, I Want to Feel Bad: Age Differences in Daily Emotion Regulation Goal Pursuit | Lameese Eldesouky, Tammy English
  4. [side_car urls=”/scholars/sojung-park/,/scholars/nancy-morrow-howell/,/scholars/derek-s-brown-2/,/scholars/brian-d-carpenter/,”][/side_car]An Association Between Patterns of Activity Engagement and Cognitive Impairment Among Older Adults | Takashi Amano, Sojung Park, Nancy Morrow-Howell
  5. Patterns of Participation in Voluntary Organizations in Later Life: A Cross-national Perspective | Huajuan Chen
  6. Economic Resources and Volunteering Among Older Adults: Differential Effects of Income and Assets | Huei-wern Shen, Yu-Chih Chen, Kristen Wagner, Baorong Guo
  7. Importance of Proximity to Resources for Social Participation Among Older Adults in Hong Kong | Yi Wang, Vivian Lou Weigun, Terry Lum, Nancy Morrow-Howell
  8. Residents’ Change in Socialization and Loneliness Since Moving to Senior Housing | Harry Taylor, Stephanie Herbers, Nancy Morrow-Howell, Samuel Talisman
  9. Factors Associated With Working Status Among Older Adults: A Comparison Between China and India | Nan Jiang, Huajuan Chen, Yuekang Li, Ada Mui, Yalu Zhang
  10. Preferences for Long-Term Care Insurance Features: Results From a Discrete Choice Experiment | Derek Brown, Benjamin Allaire, Joshua Wiener
  11. Exploring Basic Health and Social Care Needs of Older Adults Living with HIV: A Pilot Study | Kuei-hsiang Hsueh, Mike Klebert, Wen-Yung Cheng, Judy Frain, Rick Zimmerman
  12. Interest in Entrepreneurship Among Adults Ages 50 to 70 Years | Cal Halvorsen
  13. An Internet-Based, Multigenerational Intervention to Enhance Knowledge About Care Preferences | Brian Carpenter, Elissa Kozlov
  14. Are Older Adults More Depressed? Cross-Section Data on CES-D Scale Factors From the 2010 HRS | Margo-Lea Hurwicz, Yi Wang, Huei-wern Shen
  15. Race/Ethnicity Differences in Two Shortened Versions of the CES-D: Evidence From the 2010 HRS | Yi Wang, Huei-Wern Shen, Margo-Lea Hurwicz
  16. [side_car urls=”/scholars/susan-l-stark/,”][/side_car]Predicting Falls of Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease | Yi-Ling Hu, Kathryn Achuck, Susan Stark
  17. Volunteering Among Low-Income Older Individuals: Does Senior Housing Matter? | Sojung Park, BoRin Kim, Joonyoung Cho
  18. Childhood Multiple Risks and Trajectories of Self-rated Health in Old Age | BoRin Kim, Eunsun Kwon, Sojung Park
  19. Fear of Dying and Death in Self and Others | Meghan McDarby, Caroline Merz, Brian Carpenter
  20. The Impact of Cataract Surgery on Depression Among Older Adults: A Propensity Score Analysis | Roger Wong
  21. [side_car urls=”/scholars/christopher-r-carpenter/,”][/side_car]Racial Disparities in Hospital Admissions for Adults ≥65 Years Receiving Emergency Care in the U.S. | Alexander Lo, Andrew Rundle, John Donnelly, Kellie Flood, Christopher Carpenter
  22. Findings From a Two-year Randomized Controlled Trial of Human Caloric Restriction | SaiKrupa Das, Susan Roberts, Eric Ravussin, John Holloszy, Evan Hadley, Sergei Romashkan, William Kraus
  23. Demographic Differences in Knowledge About Alzheimer’s Disease | Jonathan Gooblar, Brian Carpenter, Matthew Wynn
  24. Behavioral Impact of Taking an Online Dementia Risk Assessment | Matthew Wynn, Caroline Merz, Brian Carpenter
  25. Can Self-Reported or Observed Activity Performance Predict Activity Restriction Among Older Adults? | Laurie DeLaney, Yi-Ling Hu, Marian Keglovits, Emily Somerville, Susan Stark
  26. Gender Differences in Relationship Between Employment and Life Satisfaction | Fengyan Tang, Huajuan Chen, Yalu Zhang, Ada Mui
  27. Employment and Life Satisfaction Among Migrant Older Adults | Fengyan Tang, Huajuan Chen, Yalu Zhang, Ada Mui
  28. Work and Life Satisfaction Among Older Persons: A Comparison Between China and India | Yuekang Li, Yalu Zhang, Huajuan Chen, Ada Mui, Nan Jiang
  29. Social Participation and Late-Life Well-Being: Rural and Urban Differences | Huajuan Chen, Yalu Zhang, Fengyan Tang, Ada Mui
  30. “You Can Only Do So Many Things In a Day”: Geropsychologists Reflect on Professional Activities | Caroline Merz, Deborah Koh, Brian Carpenter
  31. Views of Americans on Long-Term Services and Supports Financing Reform | Joshua Wiener, Galina Khatutsky, Angela Greene, Trini Thach, Derek Brown, Benjamin Allaire
  32. Low-Cost Race Simulator Function is Related to Psychometric Performance in Healthy Older Adults | James Stowe, David Carr, Marc Kinnear, Perri Grabow
  33. Agency and Social Forces in the Life Course: The Case of Gender Transitions in Later Life | Vanessa Fabbre
  34. Re-Hospitalization Among Moderate and Low Income Older Adults in Senior Housing | Sojung Park, Eunsun Kwon, BoRin Kim
  35. Changes in Older Adults’ Sense of Purpose are Predicted by Personality and Health | Sarah Weston, Patrick Hill
  36. Preclinical Alzheimer Disease Predicts Longitudinal Onset of Driving Difficulties | Ganesh Babulal, Denise Head, Sarah Stout, Monique Williams, David Carr, John Morris, Catherine Roe
  37. Searching for Evidence of “Healthy Neuroticism” in Middle-to-Older Adults | Sarah Weston, Grant Edmonds, Sarah Hampson, Patrick Hill
  38. Sense of Purpose Predicts Level and Change in Subjective Memory Beliefs | Patrick Hill, Nathan Lewis, Brennan Payne, Nicholas Turiano
  39. Linking Sense of Purpose to a Healthy Lifestyle in the Hawaii Study of Personality and Health | Patrick Hill, Grant Edmonds, Sarah Hampson
  40. Elder Voices on Ferguson | Nancy Morrow-Howell, Clarissa Jackson, Stephanie Herbers