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Assistance requested from local service providers

The St. Louis Area Violence Prevention Collaborative has been working to advance the goal of identifying, mapping and coordinating resources in our region as they relate to critical services and programs that support the reduction of gun violence. These include, but are not limited to, behavioral and mental health, social, afterschool recreational, education, employment, housing, and recovery programs and services. An important step in determining quality and capacity of services is the implementation of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) Simulation Tool that was developed by Dr. Faye Taxman at George Mason University.

RNR is an evidence-based practice (EBP) framework that equips service provider agencies to strategically match clients to services and programs based on their risk factors and needs (“the RNR Principles”). The approach integrates the science around effective screening, assessment, intervention, and treatment, matching (responsivity) with improvement in individual and system-wide outcomes.

The RNR Simulation Tool uses risk-need profile data from agency-level and population-level indicators to: 1) analyze service capacity needs; 2) examine the distribution of available services; and 3) identify gaps in services. The tool will also provide your agency with feedback and scores on the essential features of your programs, allowing your agency to understand programmatic strengths and opportunities.

We are reaching out to service providers in St. Louis City and County that provide vital services for victims and families affected by gun violence. We need your help in collecting information related to the services that you provide. If your agency is interested in participating, please contact Poli Rijos.

We thank you in advance for your consideration and we hope that your agency will join us on this journey of collaboration, partnership, collective coordination and systematic advancement for our region as we all endeavor to reduce violent crime in the region.