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Center offers casual monthly collaboration for anyone interested in implementation science

Written by Kim Furlow and Ashley Sturm, Center for Dissemination and Implementation

The Center for Dissemination and Implementation invites those who have a new interest in or who are entrenched in implementation science to visit the monthly WUNDIR Café. WUNDIR stands for Washington University Network of Dissemination and Implementation Researchers and is a team that works in a wide variety of settings and sectors (e.g., mental health services, public health, diabetes, acute care, emergency medicine, obesity, and cancer).

WUNDIR Café members meet at spaces near the WashU campus to discuss their research or interest in implementation science.
What is WUNDIR Café?

WUNDIR Café is a very casual, agenda-less opportunity to connect with others interested in implementation science. It is open to any WashU faculty, staff, or student interested in implementation science, along with external collaborators and community members. You do not have to consider yourself an implementation scientist to join!

How did WUNDIR Café come about?

A yearlong evaluation of WUNDIR conducted in partnership with the Brown School Evaluation Center and the Working group Of WUNDIR (WOW) gave the WOW group insights into the direction and needs of the growing collective. One request was that the group offer more chances to connect and informally network with other WashU folks interested in implementation science. Thus, WUNDIR Café was born in the fall of 2023.

When and where is it?

WUNDIR Café happens almost monthly on the 1st or 2nd Wednesday during the academic school year. No registration is required; you can just show up! Each month rotates between a lunchtime café, 11 a.m.–1 p.m. at the Forest Park Visitor Center, and an end-of-day happy hour, 3-6 p.m. at iTap on Delmar. Visit the event page to learn more.

Why should I go?

I had a great time at WUNDIR Café! It was great to see leaders in the field, have the opportunity to connect with mentors informally and get quick feedback on ideas and next steps. One of the neat things about WUNDIR Café was that you meet individuals from other fields and discuss opportunities for collaboration, future projects and how implementation science and your field fits into other fields. I look forward to connecting more and getting further involved. I like the idea of encouraging others to incorporating implementation science into their research too.
Catherine Hoyt, Instructor, Occupational Therapy

PhD student in Public Health Sciences Tyler Frank really appreciated the laid-back atmosphere of WUNDIR Café and says students new to D&I will too, “A student interested in D&I is more than welcome to attend. Networking and making connections can be daunting for many. I’ve found the café to be a low-pressure environment with a true sense of community.”