During the last thirty years, scientific research has produced numerous medications, devices and practices that improve health and lifespan…if they are used.

However, even when affordable, these advancements often do not become a part of routine clinical and public health practice.

Sub-optimal use of such advancements means that opportunities to improve the health of populations are frequently, and tragically, missed. 

Our mission

Our Center for Dissemination & Implementation advances the growing body of D&I research methods by building training opportunities and catalyzing newly applied D&I research across health specialties. We work to ensure that the most effective services are delivered in clinical and public health settings.

How we work
  • We are thought leaders who engage with local, national and international experts to find solutions to implementation challenges in public health and global health.
  • We connect and nurture faculty, students and clinical partners to build expertise in dissemination & implementation research and in real-world practice settings.
  • We advance curriculum development for teaching dissemination & implementation concepts and methods locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Washington University is a leader in advancing the field of dissemination & implementation science with a large and multifaceted community of D&I researchers that generates leading-edge ideas. This output is shaped by a cross-disciplinary perspective and genuine professional collaboration. Our center collates and shares this work through a central network and website.
What is dissemination and implementation?

Dissemination and Implementation Research (D&I) is an emerging field of inquiry focused on understanding and closing the gap between discovery of new knowledge and its application to improve the health of populations.

DISSEMINATION is the targeted distribution of information about interventions, programs and policies which are proven to be most effective.

IMPLEMENTATION moves the most effective public health interventions, programs and policies into real-world use.

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Our Team

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Elvin Geng, MD, MPH

Director, Center for Dissemination & Implementation

Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine and Director, Dissemination and Implementation Research Core, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

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Allison King, MD, MPH, PhD

Associate Director, Center for Dissemination & Implementation

Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy, Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery (Prevention and Control), and Education

Jamie Macon

Jamie Macon

Program Manager, HIV, Infectious Disease & Global Health Implementation Research Institute, Center for Dissemination & Implementation

Byron J. Powell, PhD, LCSW

Byron J. Powell, PhD, LCSW

Co-Director, Center for Dissemination & Implementation

Associate Professor, Brown School; Co-Director, Center for Mental Health Services Research, Brown School; Co-Director, Dissemination and Implementation Research Core, Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences

Ashley Sturm, MA

Ashley Sturm, MA

Manager, Center for Dissemination and Implementation

Anne Trolard, MPH

Anne Trolard, MPH

Assistant Director, Center for Community Health Partnership & Research and Staff Scientist, Center for Dissemination & Implementation


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