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Environment Missouri

The Center for Community Health Partnership and Research is supporting Environment Missouri’s efforts to address the public health effects of global warming. This support includes getting the word out to community-based organizations and community members concerned about the health risks associated with global warming and global warming related pollution.

The planet is the hottest it has been in 115,000 years. Increasingly severe weather events, like Hurricane Matthew, underscore the importance of reducing the carbon pollution that fuels climate change.

Scientists have shown that human-caused climate warming increased the chances of the torrential rains by at least 40 percent. The increase of severe weather events due to global warming is putting Missouri’s safety and infrastructure at risk. The Center for American Progress released a report on spending associated with climate change. Between 2005 and 2015, FEMA issued more than $67 billion in grants to assist communities and individuals devastated by extreme weather and wildfires.

Worst of all, global warming is putting our health at risk. One in five children in north St. Louis city and north St. Louis County are diagnosed with asthma. This number has increased as more pollution from dirty energy enters our atmosphere. Runoff from more frequent and intense extreme precipitation events will increasingly compromise sources of drinking water, growing risks of waterborne illness.

Climate change is happening right here and right now in Missouri. And the burdens of it are disproportionately affecting lower income communities.

How To Get Involved

Join Environment Missouri at its Renewable Energy Summit on November 16 from 6-9pm at the Urban Chestnut Brewing Company.

Join members of the St. Louis community for an evening on renewable energy. There will be a panel of experts, breakout discussions, time for socializing, networking, food and drinks. Come together with other stakeholders to open a dialogue about renewable energy in Missouri in order to pave the way to a more sustainable future.

Click HERE to register for the event.

Please contact Matthew Brown at 314-747-0807 for more information or to learn about endorsing the Environment Missouri project.

To get involved in the campaign, please contact Taylor Hale at 917-340-0292.

For more initiative information, visit the Environment Missouri website.