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New report shows disproportionate COVID-19 impact

As stated in its introduction, a new research brief citing research from the Center for Health Economics & Policy “aims to quantify COVID-19-related health disparities in the St. Louis region using ZIP code-level data on confirmed cases and demographic composition.”

Mirroring racialized COVID-19 trends in other metropolitan areas, the report focuses on observed, yet unexplained, disparities in the prevalence of confirmed cases among predominantly Black and African American communities in the St. Louis region.”

Among other WUSTL faculty, the report includes research and analysis from Institute from Public Health Faculty Scholars including:

Karen Joynt Maddox, M.D., MPH
Assistant Professor, Washington University School of Medicine
Co-Director, Center for Health Economics and Policy

Timothy McBride, PhD
Bernard Becker Professor, Washington University
Co-Director of the Center for Health Economics and Policy

Jason Purnell, Ph.D., MPH
Associate Professor, Washington University Brown School

The report also offers “recommendations for future research and action steps that enable prevention, mitigation and healing.”

View the report.