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2022 Dissemination & Implementation Proposal Development Bootcamp challenges and entertains participants

Written by Ashley Sturm, manager for the Center for Implementation & Implementation at the Institute for Public Health

From left, Elvin Geng, director of the Center for Dissemination and Implementation; Enola Proctor, former center director and founder of Bootcamp; and David Chambers, deputy director of implementation science at the National Cancer Institute and the event’s Inaugural Enola Proctor Lecturer pause for a historical photo

The Center for Dissemination and Implementation recently held its eighth annual Next Steps:  Dissemination and Implementation Proposal Development Bootcamp to great success.  Bootcamp is designed to stimulate the development of innovative grant proposals in implementation science and prepare them to compete for external funding. 

Inaugural Enola Proctor Lecturer, David Chambers presents, “A Song for Enola”

This year also marked a special addition: the Inaugural Enola Proctor Lecture, created to honor Enola Proctor and her unique and cardinal contributions to the field of dissemination and implementation (D&I) science. David Chambers, deputy director of implementation science at the National Cancer Institute was named the first official lecturer, and gave his reflections on the challenges and opportunities of building D&I science now and in the future. His talk concluded with “A Song for Enola”, which he personally wrote and performed with guitar accompaniment.

Watch Chambers’ talk.

The 2022 Bootcamp hosted 105 unique consultations between 24 investigator teams and 28 expert consultants, the largest showing in Bootcamp history.

One participant described the event as “a way to connect with other people and get direct feedback from people focused on my work.” Another said their favorite part of the experience was the “camaraderie” and the “opportunity to network with other researchers in the field and foster future collaborations”.

Investigator team leaders included: Joanna Abraham, Fahd Ahmad, Ana Baumann, Gretchen Buchanan, Jason Burnham, Dima Dandachi, Lindsey Filieatreau, Catherine Hoyt, Jeannie Kelly, Allison King, Allison L’Hotta, Daphne Lew, Aaloke Mody, Kristen Mueller, Katie Plax, Nandini Raghuraman, Thembiekile Shato, Morgan Shields, Rachel Tabak, Lindsey Underhill, Callie Walsh-Bailey, and Denise Wilfley.

Top left: Participants Dima Dandachi & Aditi Ramakrishnan discuss D&I ideas
Top right: Doug Luke, right, consults with the Allison L’Hotta team on their proposal
Below right: Consultants Rachel Tabak and Steph Mazzucca-Ragan, at right, offer suggestions to the Denise Wilfley team
Bottom: Thembiekile Shato and colleague discuss project next steps

Experts providing consultations included WashU’s Dissemination and Implementation Research Core (DIRC) team: Elvin Geng, Ana Baumann, Aaloke Mody, Steph Mazzucca-Ragan, Ginger McKay, Mark Huffman, Jing Li, Byron Powell, Charles Goss, and Pat Lyons. Enyo Ablordeppey, Ana Baumann, Cory Bradley, Ross Brownson, Chris Carpenter, Charles Goss, Mark Huffman, Rebecca Lengnick-Hall, Jing Li, Pat Lyons, Doug Luke, Sara Malone, Phillip Marotta, Steph Mazzucca-Ragan, Ginger McKay, Aaloke Mody, Jason Newland, Mary Politi, Byron Powell, Enola Proctor, Alex Ramsey, Rachel Tabak, Callie Walsh-Bailey also provided consultations on D&I projects. External consultants included, Carolyn Audet, David Chambers, Cara Lewis, and Andrew Quanbeck.

Open to WashU-led investigator teams, the 2023 Bootcamp occurs in the fall. Watch the D&I events page or follow our center’s Twitter feed to stay in touch.

The 2022 Dissemination & Implementation Proposal Development Bootcamp cohort and expert consultants wrap up their 2022 event with a fun group photo!