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Center creates user-friendly Missouri Medicaid Enrollment Tracking tool

The Center for Health Economics and Policy at the Institute for Public Health has launched the Missouri Medicaid Enrollment Tracking Dashboard, as a resource for the community to track the impact of Medicaid expansion on Missouri Medicaid enrollment. 

Timothy McBride, PhD, co-director of the Center for Health Economics and Policy says, “We are excited to offer this Medicaid dashboard and hope that it can provide Missourians – including providers, agencies, the media, researchers, and the general public — a more transparent look into the enrollment trends during a time of dynamic change facing the program.”

The dashboard is supported by a grant provided by Missouri Foundation for Health with the goal of assessing Medicaid expansion in Missouri.

Currently, the new tool includes Missouri Medicaid data from MO HealthNet and the Missouri Department of Social Services and will be updated monthly, or in real time, when new data becomes available. Data from other resources may be incorporated in the future, including data compiled by the center.

“This information may be available elsewhere, but it sometimes can be difficult to easily locate or understand,” says McBride. “We attempt to present this dashboard data, drawn from a range of publicly available sources, in a neutral, accessible and user-friendly format.”

Medicaid expansion in Missouri has now made previously unqualified individuals eligible for Medicaid coverage, and therefore, an increase in Missouri Medicaid enrollment is expected, which can be tracked using the dashboard. 

The dashboard includes Missouri Medicaid data including:

  • Caseload Counter Enrollment Data
  • Enrollment by Region over Time
  • Regional Enrollment Map over Time
  • Managed Care Organization Enrollment by Plan and Region
  • Application Processing Analysis

The center has also produced policy briefs, which explain the overall impact that expansion is expected to have on the number of Missouri Medicaid enrollees, and the demographics and health status of newly eligible Medicaid beneficiaries. The Center for Health Economics and Policy at the Institute for Public Health, Washington University in St. Louis advances evidence-based research to improve health and works with policy makers and public health leaders to drive more equitable health policy.