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Gun Violence Initiative celebrates five year anniversary

The Gun Violence Initiative at the Institute for Public Health was launched in spring 2015 to tackle one of our greatest public health challenges: death and injury as a result of gun violence.

During the past five years, the Initiative has worked with national, academic and community stakeholders to develop key partnerships and interventions such as Life Outside of Violence, which help illuminate gun violence as a public health issue.

The Gun Violence Initiative aims to:

  • Develop greater understanding and awareness of the issue
  • Identify gaps in available data and research and explore ways in which Washington University could help address those gaps
  • Relay information to policymakers and the public to guide decision-making
  • Find actionable measures that would lead to the reduction of deaths and injuries

Read highlights from the past five years about the Gun Violence Initiative’s work.

Read a blog post on the history of the Gun Violence Initiative.


Reflections on Gun violence

Faculty Scholars, students and community partners who are passionate about gun violence prevention and safety have shared their perspectives. Read their blogs.

As the Gun Violence Initiative heads into its next five years, the team will continue to develop more community-academic partnerships with local law enforcement, health departments, community organizations, and the Washington University community to amplify prevention efforts and help eradicate gun violence in the St. Louis region.