Gun Violence Initiative


The Gun Violence Initiative was launched in spring 2015 to look at one of our greatest public health challenges: death and injury as a result of gun violence.

Through this effort, we invite scholars, medical professionals, community leaders, and citizens to take a hard look at the serious and tragic public health consequences of gun violence in America. The initiative explores three key themes: What we know, what we need to know, and what to do about this critical issue.

Your contribution to the Institute for Public Health helps us train the next generation of public health leaders; fund innovative, transdisciplinary research to improve health status; and eliminate health disparities at home and abroad.

We are working with national experts, partners across Washington University, and stakeholders throughout the St. Louis community to:

  • Better understand and raise awareness of the issues;
  • Identify gaps in available data and research, and explore ways that Washington University could help address those gaps;
  • Empower policymakers and the public with better information to guide their decision-making; and
  • Find actionable measures that would lead to the reduction in gun violence.

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“Bringing together our academic strengths to address major societal challenges is a part of our mission,” said Chancellor Wrighton during the launch event for the initiative that took place in April 2015. “Our goal, by engaging in the conversation, is to help develop real solutions that have a real chance of making a real difference and, in the process, help to reduce death and injury from firearms.”

For more information about the Gun Violence Initiative, please contact:

Paola (Poli) Rijos-Saitta, MSW, LCSW
314-747-1456 |