Community Outreach Representatives (COR) Team

Our COR team is made up of individuals with lived experiences as victims or relatives of someone affected by violence. They offer immediate support to individuals affected by violence and act as a bridge to our case management and therapeutic services.

Our Community Outreach Research Representatives Team consists of (from left to right) Dominique Crittenden, Darren Seals, Robin Bell and Tamaron Coleman.

Case Managers

Following initial engagement from our COR team, our case managers provide ongoing clinical case management and therapeutic services based upon individualized needs and goals to those who have elected to enroll in the LOV program. This type of support will include counseling and may include employment, housing, basic needs, education, and referrals to help the individual build a better a future.

Melik D.H. Coffey, MSW, LCSW

Program Manager, Life Outside of Violence

Melik Coffey is a licensed mental health clinician with over a decade of experience in clinical services such as intakes/assessments, individual, family, and group therapy, crisis intervention, and case management. As a graduate of the Brown School at Washington University, Saint Louis, Melik has chosen to base his area of clinical focus on child and adolescent mental health, youth violence prevention, human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and criminogenic risk and behavioral health needs.

Melik has furthered his education and learning at the Saint Louis Psychoanalytic Institute where he was trained in psychodynamic practice to better treat individuals and families who have experienced compound and complex trauma.

Keyria Jeffries, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Case Manager, St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Keyria has worked with youth in a variety of settings for the last ten years, including youth employment services, residential settings, and in schools. Working with victims of gun violence or those with bullet related injuries is a new and  challenging area for Keyria, but one that she has stepped into with passion and dedication. Helping young people reach their full potential and lead happy and healthy lives is Keyria’s motivation for continuing to show up and do this work.

Larita Rice-Barnes, MAPS

Clinical Case Manager, BJC

Larita Rice-Barnes is a licensed and ordained pastor with over 25 years of experience. She has an extensive background in social services, working with at-risk populations; individuals and families who are either unhoused or at risk of being unhoused; and violently injured and emotionally-traumatized persons and their families by providing intensive on-going case management, counseling, grief support, trauma informed care, crisis intervention, and victim advocacy. Her area of focus includes community engagement with an emphasis on urban ministry, urban chaplaincy, and violence prevention. She has demonstrated the ability to build strong interpersonal-trusted relationships with peers, clients, health, justice and school systems, and community agencies on behalf of clients and families. 

Marsha Williams, M.Ed

Clinical Case Manager, SSM Health – SLU Emergency and Trauma Center 

As a LOV Clinical Case Manager, Marsha Williams uses a solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral approach to provide counseling, mentoring, and case management services to support the unique needs and goals of each of her clients. Serving victims and being of service to those in the justice system have been an unexpected passion of hers. Helping and inspiring others to reach their goals and come out of valleys in order to reach their full potential and find purpose is something Marsha does with ease and intent.

Marsha has established a 20-year career in the fields of criminal justice, education, workforce development, and social services within various business sectors and organizations. Marsha earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling, including a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Teacher Education, from the University of Missouri.